More Record Attendance

Our monthly average in August for all four Sundays came out to 147, the combination of the averages of both worship services. This means that August of 2017 is our third highest average month, in terms of attendance, since January of 2013. The two months that beat it out, April of 2014 and March of 2016, contained Easter worship, which drove their respective attendance numbers.

This means that our August worship services were remarkably consistent in attendance (154, 148, 153, 132, respectively), demonstrating sustainability in our growth. In fact, such growth during what is usually an off month, demonstrates that we are growing and experiencing a powerful move of the Holy Spirit.

Another point of comparison: in August of 2013, we averaged 113, in August of 2014 we averaged 113, in August of 2015 we averaged 104, and in August of 2016 we averaged 111. That means our attendance this August grew 25% on average compared with prior Augusts.

All this to say, keep inviting folks to church! Keep coming to church regularly! We’re experiencing a surge in energy both because of the Holy Spirit and because of the number of people in worship. There is hardly anything better than a full worship room for great energy during worship, just as we experience Sunday mornings at our Arise 8:45 service.

See you Sunday,



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