Coming to your Coffee Cup this Sunday!

We have a tremendous breakfast fellowship following the 8:45am service each Sunday. Mitchell Coffee, aptly named, keeps the coffee flowing throughout our fellowship as well as during the worship service itself. We are certainly one caffeinated congregation!

This Sunday, thanks to Allison Lindsey from the Connectional Ministries Office, we will enjoy a cup of El Camino coffee from St. Mark UMC in Douglas, GA and Ahuachapan, El Salvador. A few years ago, the pastor there at St. Mark and a member of the congregation began purchasing beans direct from Ahuachapan, a Salvadoran community the church supports. Once purchased, the church roasts the beans and then sells the coffee to support their ministry efforts with the Salvadoran people, continuing what is becoming a long-term relationship between Douglas, GA and Ahuachapan, El Salvador.

If you like the coffee, we will shift from purchasing Folgers and Maxwell House to purchasing El Camino coffee, helping support our connection one cup of coffee at a time and supporting a fair trade, local product.

Come to the Social Hall either before worship or during breakfast fellowship to check out our new coffee, El Camino.

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