Adult Confirmation Class

After Confirmation Sunday back in May, several of you asked about having an Adult Confirmation class to undertake a similar journey of faith to what our youth experienced. That class will soon be underway! I invite you to join in the journey! Space is limited, with several spots already full, so please let me know by August 15 if you would like to be a part of this class.

The class has three foci. First, we will learn about setting a regular habit of personal spiritual practice. This will include learning about and experiencing different kinds of spiritual practices as well as learning how to form habits that last. The second focuses on the basics of Christianity, covered through using the sanctuary as a metaphor. The third and final focuses on the basics of Methodism: understanding what we believe, how we’re structured, and concluding with a focus on our future.

We will meet on the following dates at 6:30 p.m. in the Open Door Classroom:

  • August 22
  • September 26
  • October 24
  • November 28
  • December 12

This being a class, there is required reading! Three books are needed with one available at the office. Please purchase the other two by the first meeting date. Each of the books is easy to read, highly informative, and even entertaining! Those books are:

I’m looking forward to this! Come join the journey to deepen your understanding of Christianity and Methodism and, above all, to learn in meaningful ways how to cultivate your faith.


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