Prayer of the week | May 1, 2018

Holy God, you say let all who are thirsty come. Let all who wish to receive the water of life freely. We say to that yes, Lord, make us vessels for your water to come and restore this earth, for your life to come and restore our community, for your very presence to come and be a part of our life together.

For God, we know lots of thirsty people in our lives. We know those who thirst for bodily healing, waiting on your healing waters to come and provide for them, to come and restore them, to come and give them peace. God for all those who suffer this day in body and mind, grant your healing.

We also know those who thirst because they feel they do not belong. We know those who are longing for a sense of family, for a sense that they matter, for a sense they have hope because they know people who love them. For those we know and even those we do not know in our community who feel they do not belong, make us vessels for your divine work that they may know through us that they belong to you, that they matter to you.

We too God are thirsty. We need your life-giving water in our lives. We need to know your presence, we need to know that we have hope, we need to know that peace that passes all understanding. God quench our thirst. Bring us to wholeness. Bring us to such a place of satisfaction in you that we have no doubt in our minds that you love us, that you provide for us, that you are our God such that if you are for us, no one can be against us.

Move in power through as we ask because we are your disciples, committed followers of your way and of your ideals.


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