Offering Options

Making your contribution to the church, whether or not you visit us in person, is easy, convenient, and super helpful for us. We rely on consistent offerings to make decisions about how to best serve the needs of our neighbors here in Dodge County. If you are unable to attend church on a Sunday, but would still like to make a regular contribution, we have three options:

First, pay online through PayPal. Visit and click the link under “Donate Online.” Or simply click here. You may also select the option to make your payment monthly, with PayPal automatically charging your credit card every month.

Second, visit our local CB&T branch and ask for auto debit to make your contribution directly to the church.

Third, drop off a check at the church office during regular business hours.

Thank you for your support that makes a difference as we share life together with Christ, each other, and Dodge County. 

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