Prayer from Blessing of the Crops

God of the Universe,

You made the heavens and the earth,

So we do not call our home merely “planet earth.”

We call it your creation, a divine mystery,

A gift from your most blessed hand.

The world itself is your miracle.

Bread and vegetables from earth are thus also from heaven,

Help us to see in our daily bread,

In our crops

In the earth we till

And in what grows from the ground,

Your presence.

Upon our crops and upon our land

Send rain and sunshine.

For we depend upon you for our growth,

And so we acknowledge our need for humility,

That in humbly recognizing our place in your world,

We might mend our rift from your creation,

We might know more deeply the sacredness of the gift of life,

And we might truly experience life from your hand.

For you planted humanity in a garden

And you began our resurrection in a garden

And so we know,

Our blessed memory and hope lie in a garden.

And so, we ask your blessings for our various gardens:

The lands we till

The crops we raise

The fruits we bear

Asking for a fruitful yield,

A plentiful harvest

Health and wellbeing

For protection against that which would destroy,

Knowing that you intend all things for order.

And so, we pray against the chaos that would consume

The pestilence that would destroy our crops

The draught that would dry up our land

The heat that would wither our yield

Asking that your protective hand be upon us as we do your work

Caring for your creation.

We give you thanks for the opportunity to care for your land

Your crops

and your fruit

Bless us, and our crops, this day, as we go forth to care for your creation


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