Giving Update

I have exciting news to share about our giving!

Every year, churches are required to turn in a bunch of statistics in the “Statistical Tables.” This is often a very boring exercise and I’m grateful to Martha Wright who keeps up with the statistics and completes these tables.

But this year, there was one statistic that caught my eye: the number of giving units. A Giving Unit is defined as a single source from which the church receives funding. This could be a family, an individual, or even a foundation. We reported 105 giving units, an increase of 39 units over the course of 2017. That’s a 60% increase in the number of giving units, which is a HUGE increase in the number of families and individuals who chose to contribute to the church. Put another way, 39 different families and/or individuals gave to the church for the first time in 2017!

Not only this, but the average donation per giving unit is roughly $230 per month. Churches that are stable and healthy financially are those who are sustained by a large number of givers, regardless of the size of the gift. Church data gurus say that a healthy church has giving units that give between $205 and $270 per month, based on our size of church. We’re squarely inside that average, demonstrating financial health.

And not only that, but the fact that we had a sixty percent increase in the number of families and individuals giving means that people believe in our church and its ministry. We give to things we care about, and this data demonstrates that a vast majority of our weekly worship attendance believes in this church.

Your regular giving, regardless of amount, is what allows us to do ministry. We added Rev. Graton Helms as our Associate Pastor because we have confidence in your continued, regular giving. Our youth group is going to the confirmation retreat this weekend, partially funded by the church, because of your regular giving. We ended the year in the black, after running an historic deficit in May of 2017, because of your regular giving.

So if you ever wonder if what you put in the offering plate matters, it does! No matter the amount, it makes a huge difference, for it sustains and grows our ministry as a church. No matter how much or how little you give, it facilitates our ministry as a church.

Thank you for your giving. If ever you’re out and miss a Sunday, don’t forget you can give online via PayPal or drop your check off at the church during the week. Your sustained giving is making a difference for our children and youth, for our community, and in my life. My heart is warmed by your generosity and financial commitment to our church. 


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