We’ve been recognized for growth!

I’m pleased to report that we have been recognized, among a few other churches, by our Annual Conference for our growth in worship attendance! As you may recall, our conference has set a goal of increasing worship attendance conference-wide by ten percent. To encourage all of us, our bishop, Lawson Bryan, published an article noting churches who are seeing “significant increases in worship attendance.” We were among that list! Check out the article by clicking here.

To grow as a church requires all of us seeking to grow in our faith. I’m thankful to lead a church that desires to grow spiritually, to lead a church that is excited about ministry, and to be a part of a faith community that wants to be the best it can be for Christ. It takes all of us working together and, indeed, we are working and we’re seeing results. That’s reason to give thanks to God and to be encouraged in our ministry together. We have much to celebrate as a congregation!

Thanks for all you do,

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