Councils Retreat

We had a wonderful time preparing for the year ahead on Saturday, January 27, 2018. Both the Operations Council and the Ministries Council met together to begin to plan for their future work, to encourage each other, and to worship together. My hat’s off to our incredible leaders who are stepping up to the plate to direct our church in the direction to which we are called.

The Ministries Council is charged with custody of the mission of the church. It serves as both an incubator for ideas, a resourcing mechanism for the various ministries in which we are engaged, and a call to action group for the whole church. The Operations Council handles the administrative needs of the church including, but not limited to, our financial, human, and facility resources.

As you see the folks below, please thank them for their service and ask them what their thoughts are on the future of our church. I think your heart will be encouraged, as were all of ours this past Saturday.

Ministries Council

  • Courtney Butler | Chair
  • Dan Harrell | Lay Leader
  • Mary Kirkley | Worship Team Co-Chair
  • Susan Coffee | Worship Team Co-Chair
  • Elaine Pittman | Congregational Care Coordinator
  • Wynell Bond | Congregational Care Coordinator
  • Jodi Brewer | Small Groups Representative
  • Rick Rogers | Small Groups Representative
  • Mitchell Coffee | Local/Food Ministries Coordinator
  • Steve Kirkley | Local/Food Ministries Coordinator
  • Stephanie Burton | Sunday School Superintendent
  • Martha Wright | Safe Sanctuaries Coordinator
  • Katie Beth Brewer | Youth Representative
  • Frances Edge | Music Ministries Representative
  • Leigh Law | Children and Youth Ministries Director
  • Lynne Broome | Music Director
  • Cathy Fennell | Church Secretary
  • Ted Goshorn | Pastor

Operations Council

  • Jason Cobb | Chair
  • Dan Harrell | Lay Leader
  • Steve Kirkley | Lay Delegate to Annual Conference
  • John Veal | Staff-Parish Relations Chair
  • Dana Hardin | Staff-Parish Relations
  • Tia Studstill | Staff-Parish Relations
  • Frederick Miller | Finance Chair
  • Martha Wright | Financial Secretary
  • John Jessup | Treasurer
  • Mitchell Coffee | Trustees Chair
  • Mike Law | Trustee
  • Jesse Bearden | Trustee
  • Kenton Haley | At Large Representative
  • Catherine Harrington | At Large Representative
  • Jenna Law | Youth Representative
  • Ted Goshorn | Pastor

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