New Year’s Resolutions & A Covenant Renewal

Are you making any resolutions this new year’s? I’m making a few. First, reading is not only good for my professional development, it’s also good for my soul. I’m making a commitment to read at least an hour a day on theology, biblical studies, or leadership. Second, I have lost 20 pounds in the past year and I commit to lose another fifteen this year, getting myself to a healthy weight.

My guess is you probably have similar resolutions. We read every year how many fail to keep their resolutions, even just a few weeks into the new year! In my experience, when I make this resolutions before God, while also resolving to be better about my relationship with Christ, I tend to keep those resolutions throughout the year.

In that spirit, on Sunday, January 7, 2018, we’ll come together at our 8:45 and 11am worship services to make our resolutions before God. Way back in the 1700s, John Wesley and his brother Charles wrote a worship service called the “Covenant Renewal Service.” This service asks Christians to renew their commitment to Christ and bring their resolutions before his throne. It’s a special service that I look forward to every year, for it really helps me get started on the right foot.

So, bring your resolutions, or even just your desire to make resolutions, to church on Sunday, January 7, as we renew our covenant before God. See you there!

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