A Generous Spirit

As 2017 ends, I write to say thank you for your generosity this year. While the final numbers are yet to be tallied, we have made remarkable financial progress this year. Two cases in point. First, as of May 31 of this year, we had an almost $40,000 deficit when comparing income to expenses. While most churches expect to run in the red in late spring and summer, that number constituted a much higher figure than expected and a threat to our financial stability as a church. I’m happy to report that we expect to have closed that gap and end the year either breaking even or in the black; a significant accomplishment!

Second, in the midst of closing that gap, we increased our ability to fund ministry. Through your generosity, we gave 200 families food boxes at Thanksgiving and Christmas, extending our ministry reach four fold and into Dodge County. The good news that Christ came to save us not just from sin, but from the evils of the world that lead to hunger, rang true because of our efforts this year.

That’s the power of generous giving to ministry. Your gifts not only fund the budget but also extend our ability to reach others with the love and gospel of Jesus Christ. As our year ends, please consider making a final tax deductible donation to the church. It’s easy! You can give through our PayPal account by clicking here or dropping your check in the offering plate on this coming Sunday, December 31, 2017.

Your gift here at the end of the year will go beyond simple budgetary matters to extend and expand our ministry reach throughout Eastman and Dodge County. That’s what we’re about here at Eastman First: sharing life together with Christ, each other, and Dodge County. So join us here at the year end by making a donation today.

Donate here

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