Become a Small Group Host or Leader!

As I listened intently during my first ninety days, I heard two longings from the church: a desire to impact food insecurity in Dodge County and a desire for meaningful fellowship that would cause spiritual growth. To the former, we’re working on our food boxes for the holidays, with additional plans in the brainstorming stage.

To the latter, we’re launching small groups that will meet in people’s homes. Our plan calls for several homes to host small groups on a weekly basis during the winter and spring. These groups are intentionally designed to cultivate deep and meaningful relationships through sharing life together and studying scripture. They are also a means to invite friends and neighbors to come to church without having to actually go to church. By inviting someone to a get together that includes prayer and bible study at someone’s home, we extend the ministry of the church and the opportunity for folks to connect with us.

To get ready for this small group launch, we need church members who are willing to serve in one or two roles: as hosts or leaders. Hosts provide hospitality that encourages fellowship. Leaders facilitate the time of prayer and bible study. I’ll be training both roles and resourcing them throughout the small group time.

For more information on what it means to be a Host or a Leader, click here. I hope that you’ll prayerfully consider serving as one or both. Please let me know by Thanksgiving if you’re willing to serve in one or both roles.

And if you’re excited about small groups and wanting to participate, stay tuned after Thanksgiving for online sign-ups.

I’m excited about this next step as a church!


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