All Saints

This coming Sunday, November 5, is a special Sunday in the life of the church. We’ll mark All Saints Day on that Sunday, a high holy moment in the life of our congregation. All Saints is a time to mark both those who have gone on to glory and the living. During our service, we’ll remember by name each of the church members who have passed this year, a solemn ceremony that honors their memory in our lives. We’re thankful for their impact on our faith journey, for the example they set for us, and for their ministry in our lives.

We’ll also have a chance to note the saints among us today, for sainthood is not reserved for those who have passed on. We believe, when we say “I believe…in the communion of saints” in the Apostle’s Creed, that we share fellowship with each other through Christ. It’s through our communion with each other, the sharing of life together, that we are made more and more to be like Christ, the goal of the Christian faith.

Join us on Sunday to remember those who have passed on and to take note of the saints in your life today.


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