Shelter NOT Opening | Friday, September 8 Update

The shelter we had planned to open at Eastman First Methodist will NOT open as planned because of the westward shift of Hurricane Irma. With the storm passing over middle Georgia, the likelihood that we will lose power is high and our social hall is ill-equipped to house people without power. It’s with a heavy heart that we make this decision, but we are well prepared for when another storm requires evacuation of the Georgia coast.

Many thanks to all who have donated already. All donated items will be stored for future shelter purposes and funds donated toward the shelter will be utilized for purchasing items to be ready the next time.

A special thanks to all who volunteered their time. It takes a lot of people power to run a shelter and we had several folks who had indicated their willingness to give of their time. Thank you!

Sunday services will be as usual, with Arise meeting in the social hall like normal. If you have any questions, the church office is open on this particular Friday, so please give us a call.

Ted Goshorn, Pastor
Steve Kirkley, Admin Council Chair
John Veal, SPRC Chair
Mitchell Coffee, Trustees Chair
Elaine Pittman, Witness Team Chair

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