Urgent Shelter Update: Bring Items to the Church

Whether or not you have already committed, we are at the point of needing supplies for the shelter so we can be prepared to open on Saturday.

We need most urgently:

  • Air mattresses, especially twin size but any size ok
  • Bedding or sleeping bags for those air mattresses
  • Your time to sit one or more shifts at the church, beginning probably Saturday

These can either be purchased or loaned to the church and returned to you. If you cannot make it to the store, please drop a check by the church or give online and we’ll purchase the needed supplies. Email Ted if you can sit a shift.

We need less urgently

  • Basic food items like breakfast and snack foods
  • Paper products like paper towels, plates, and cups

We no longer need

  • Bottled water, as it’s out in most stores anyway

Call Ted on his cell or call the church office with questions during business hours on Thursday and Friday. The church office will be open this Friday.


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