Join the Uplifters!

Prayer is powerful and effective. It’s central to who we are as Christians and who we are as a church. That’s why we’re launching a new service today: online prayer requests.

The Taize community sings of the power of prayer in one of their famous rounds. Originally written in German, it calls us into the place that Mother Theresa describes: the powerful, peaceful, presence of God. Through prayer, we discover ourselves in the midst of all help, all patience, and find the direction we need for life.

The Taize choir sings:

Gott, laß meine Gedanken sich sammeln zu dir. Bei dir ist daß Leicht, du vergiß mich nicht. Bei dir ist die Hilfe, bei dir ist die Geduld. Ich verstehe deine Wege nicht; aber, du weiß den Weg für mich.


God, let my thanks rise only to you. With you is light, you do not forget me. With you is all help, with you is all patience. I do not understand your ways; but, you know the way for me.

We find the help we need when we lift up our prayers to God. And not only that, but we find that same help as we ask others to pray for us. That’s what our intercessory prayer team will be doing, that’s what our online prayer requests form facilitates, and that’s our plan as a church: to lift each other up in prayer.

So as you have praises and needs, please send those our way! The intercessory prayer team and I will be receiving your prayer requests through our online form. To submit one today, or to check out the website, visit .



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