A Good Problem! | Expanded Sunday School for Children and Youth

For the past several weeks, we have experienced a surge in worship attendance at both services. This surge has brought with it a very good problem to have: more children than one Sunday School class can handle!

As a result, we will now be offering three Sunday School classes for children and youth, in addition to our adult Sunday School offerings. Children 3K-Kindergarten will go to the pre-school room next door to the nursery for their own Sunday School class. Older children, from First Grade through Fifth Grade will go to the regular children’s room for Sunday School. Finally, all youth, from Sixth through Twelfth Grade will go to the youth room, on the top floor of the church, for a regular Sunday School class. This division will aid in making sure that each age group gets instruction befitting their development.

We’re excited to be able to offer these additional classes for our children and youth! As with any expansion, they come with some needs. For our children, we need additional teachers who could offer our children instruction once every other month or so. For our youth class, we simply need another adult’s presence to ensure safe sanctuaries compliance as Dana Goshorn will be teaching that class on a weekly basis. If you are available for either, please contact Leigh Law at eastmanfirstkids@gmail.com

If your children and/or youth have not been attending Sunday School as of late, this is a great opportunity to get them involved! And then you, too, can attend one of our adult Sunday School classes. Contact Ted for more information about adult Sunday School offerings.

Continue to pray for us as we move forward, together, into the future to which God has called us.

One thought on “A Good Problem! | Expanded Sunday School for Children and Youth

  1. Thanks to God. Patience, Positive attitude and trusting God with his plan and not ours will surely bring great things. This is just another one.


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