A few extra steps

My first Sunday at Vineville, I drove my car into the church’s parking lot toward my usual spot. Being early to church, the lot was empty save for one car, parked way off in the farthest corner away from the front door of the church. It was the Senior Pastor’s car, parked not in its usual spot near the doors, but literally as far away as it could be from the church.

I parked in my usual spot and asked Jimmy why he had parked there. He told me it was part of trying to be welcoming to visitors: parking away from the church to leave the best spaces for those new to the church.

Such is a great habit, for having a good, convenient, parking spot is a great way to welcome the visitors we’ve been seeing the past few Sundays. I encourage you, if you’re a regular attender here at Eastman First and not requiring a handicapped spot, to leave the spots closest to the church for visitors. The few extra steps into the church will go miles for our visitors.

See you Sunday!

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