Reason to Celebrate

On what is typically a low-attendance Sunday because of the holiday weekend, we broke records! The counts were:

  • 71 at the early service, breaking it’s all-time attendance record since inception
  • 92 at the late service, almost besting my first Sunday here (98)

In total, we saw 163 men, women, and children come through our doors to share in the journey of faith. This kind of attendance on what was supposed to be a low-attendance Sunday doesn’t occur by accident: it happens because we invite our friends.

So I challenge each of us to be invitational: keep inviting your friends to church. As the Psalmist said, invite them to “taste and see that the LORD is good” by checking out one of our worship services.

And I need your help! When you see someone you don’t know, extend to them the same welcome my family and I have received from you. I don’t know visitors from long-time church members yet (although I’m improving!), so please issue a warm, Eastman First, welcome to our visitors and then point them out to me.

Next Sunday may not see these numbers, but we will see steady and consistent growth in our averages if we continue to be both invitational and welcoming, sharing with others the excitement we feel to be a part of this church.

Enjoy your fourth and see you Sunday!


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