Monday, March 16, 2020 | Latest COVID-19 Update

Note that this information is the same as that archived on the Ted Talk page as well as sent via email. This is to ensure that all who would wish to join us in online worship and all who would visit our church are up to date on the latest information:

Today’s is a bit different than usual, reflecting our response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please carefully note the following 

  • A pastoral note on the pandemic
  • Eastman First UMC’s response 
    • We will pray our way through this time of uncertainty. Beginning today, a daily prayer video from Ted will go up on Facebook. The text of that prayer will be available at
    • We will offer a variety of ways to engage with our faith and the church remotely. Watch our social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and our website for additional postings. 
    • This is still a fluid situation so please stay tuned to our website and social media as updates are available 
    • All updates below are in response to the requirement of our bishop and the recommendation of the CDC
    • Services 
      • In-person worship services are suspended until further notice. 
      • At 11am every Sunday, we will have a live-streamed service. Watch the website and social media for additional details 
      • Note: You may view the livestream on Facebook even if you do not have Facebook. Visit
    • Events, rehearsals, and the like 
      • All are cancelled until further notice 
      • This includes, but is not limited to, CMO, Holy Cow, choir, praise band, miracle bells, uplifters, Wednesday night suppers, small groups, Sunday school, Methodist Men, and Joy Fellowship 
    • Church Office
      • Is closed until further notice
      • Cathy and Ted are working remotely. The church office phone is forwarded to Cathy, so you may continue to call 478-374-4327 or email at
    • Giving
    • Community support
      • Ted has been in touch with local agencies and governments offering the churches support. Stay tuned to Social media and the church website to learn how you could help over the next coming days.
  • The Annual Conference’s Response
    • All district and conference events are cancelled through at least the end of March.
    • The bishop has sent out instructions that churches are to do the same
    • The bishop will be offering a livestream option every Sunday at 10:00 a.m. 
    • Visit to stay up to date with the latest response from our Annual Conference
  • Other news
    • Rev. James Aycock, former pastor of this church, passed away Friday, March 13. We were notified this morning that funeral services were today. 
  • Prayer for the week
    • Please see and Facebook page for daily prayers as we pray our way through the COVID-19 pandemic 
  • Prayer List 
    • Fred Arnold
    • Aaron Babb
    • Grayson Beck
    • Lois Allen Baker
    • Jessie Bearden
    • Trevor Bland
    • Lynne Broome
    • Barbara Brunson (Martha’s friend)
    • Jeff Cheek
    • Vickie Cheek 
    • Scarlett Driggers 
    • Julie German 
    • Cindy Grimes
    • Emory Haley
    • Monique Haynes
    • Ken Hall
    • Jaye Hardy Howell
    • Spencer Jones
    • Beth Law
    • Susan Price 
    • Leon Rogers (Michael Broome’s great nephew)
    • Tina Ryals
    • Joan Stevens
    • Daryl Summey
    • George Taylor
    • France Veal
    • Angie West 
    • The family of Ruby Brown
    • The family of Ronald Roland (Ronda Belflower’s father)
    • The family of Isabella Alonzo (Michael Broome’s great niece)
    • The family of Mildred Moore
  • Holy God, for all those on our prayer list, for our church, and for each other, we lift these prayers to you; Amen.

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