Volunteers Needed | Parents’ Night Out

We need your help! Consider volunteering for our new Parents’ Night Out program!

In the Young Adult Sunday school class, we’re discussing habits that make for healthy marriages. One of those habits is having “serious fun,” by which we mean making time for having fun as a couple. With time constraints, young children, and the cost of babysitting, many of our young adult families struggle to find time and space for date nights.

Parents’ Night Out would meet this need and offer support for our young families. It is a monthly event where three or four church members would watch kids here at the church on a Friday night for three hours. The kids would play on the playground or watch movies and eat popcorn in the social hall. The church will provide pizza for the kids to eat dinner. Such a program eliminates the cost of babysitting for our young families and allows them to return home, rather than have to leave town, to enjoy a nice dinner.

Here’s where you (or your youth-aged children) come in: would you be willing to volunteer on a Friday evening for those three hours to help watch these kids? If so, please respond with a list of the dates (see below) that you would be willing to serve.

I’ll take care of making sure there are enough volunteers, that pizza is provided, and that movies are ready to go. All you would do as a volunteer is basically watch them and keep them safe. Pizza, playground, and movie would keep them occupied.

Here are the third Fridays for the remainder of the year:
May 24 (not third because of a wedding rehearsal at the church that day)
June 21 (need already met, thank you!)
July 19
August 16
September 20
October 18
November 22
December 13 (backed up a week because of proximity to Christmas)

If you are willing to help, please text/email back with the dates you (or your youth aged kids) can help. Thanks for your consideration!


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