Keep up with General Conference

If you’d like to keep up with the proceedings of the General Conference, there are several ways to do that. Below is a listing of those. Most of them are related to our Annual Conference: South Georgia. If you have any specific questions, I invite your emails or texts. I’ll have limited ability to answer phone calls inside the arena.

To review, here are some links that cover the basics of this General Conference (and the structure of the UMC).
About General Conference
About the Way Forward (info presented to this church back in May, 2018)

First, subscribe to the South Georgia email listserv to get regular email updates from our conference staff. Click here. If you already get weekly emails from the bishop and others, you are already subscribed.

Second, watch a livestream of the proceedings. Click here. The first session begins at 10:00 a.m. EST on Saturday, February 23. That day is a day of prayerful preparation. Business sessions begin on Sunday, February 24. The full schedule is available by clicking here.

Third, follow the UMC and the Annual Conference on social media:
South Georgia Facebook
South Georgia Twitter
South Georgia Instagram
UMC Facebook
UMC Twitter
UMC Instagram

Lastly, while social media will be the best way to keep up with regular updates, the conference and UMC websites are also good resources. Visit South Georgia at and the UMC at


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