New Dave Ramsey Course

Join us for a new Financial University Peace course, beginning January 16 at 5pm. We’ll meet weekly on Wednesdays for nine weeks, with each week offering a new way to think about your household finances. Those who took this course last fall reported paying off over $15,000 in debt collectively and finding greater peace not only in their finances but in their marriages and relationships. This course will the team-taught by myself and Kristin Tanner, a graduate of the last Financial Peace University.

If you’d like to take this course, the cost is only $20 this term! My thanks to a wonderful anonymous donor who supports this program so much, she has paid to lower the cost to participate. To join the class, send your name to the church office by calling us at 478-374-4327 or emailing to Checks are payable to Eastman First UMC or through our PayPal account, linked here. Should you have any questions, email me at

We’ll see you January 16!

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