Simple Worship | ONE Service at 8:45am September 2, 2018

Over Labor Day Weekend, we’re going to try out a different form of worship. At 8:45, in the sanctuary, we will have a service of morning prayer. This is an ancient form of worship that focuses on praying in different ways. I’ve posted the order of worship below. Such services are powerful and, I think, all the more so when they’re different from our regular practice.

This form of worship will also coincide with the natural rhythms of our lives during a holiday weekend. We naturally tend to be more restive during these times and desire a slower change of pace. This worship will coincide with that. It also gives a Sabbath rest to our volunteers, as we will have no sound technicians, no breakfasts, no Sunday school, no powerpoint, no choir, only nursery. Early worship also preserves the remainder of the day for sabbath rest during this wonderful, holiday, weekend.

For those of you who have taken my religious personality inventory, this worship will coincide with Type A and C folks. Our worship generally coincides with Type A and B folks.

I’m looking forward to this and I hope you are, too! Remember: one service on September 2 at 8:45 in the sanctuary. See you there!

Order of Worship

  • Greeting
  • Hymn 145: Morning Has Broken
  • Opening Prayer
  • Responsive Reading: Psalm 95
  • Gospel Reading 
  • Prayers of the People 
  • Scripture Reading
  • Silence for meditation, reflection, and prayer
    • Silence ends with the Lord’s Prayer
  • Hymn 400: Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing
  • Benediction

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