Prayer for the week | June 18, 2018

Keep, O Lord, your household the Church in your steadfast
faith and love, that through your grace we may proclaim
your truth with boldness, and minister your justice with


God, you have called us your own, bringing us into your heart. There, we find love. There we find sustenance for our faith. There we discover all that is good and right and true. There, we find validation for our selves, meaning for our lives, and strength to carry on.

But God, we recognize that you call us to more than simply to carry on. It’s to truth and justice that you also call us, for you exist more than just for our lives. Such is a tremendous burden, such is a complicated endeavor, and such seems bigger than we could ever possibly hope to accomplish.

We hear that call to proclaim your truth with boldness, and minister your justice with compassion, but what exactly are we to do with that? The culture wars are not your way. Forceful pushing of truth is not your way. Fighting is not your way. So what is your way? What does it mean to proclaim your truth in a world so focused on individualism? What does it mean to proclaim your truth to a world that thinks it doesn’t need you? That thinks you don’t exist?

And then, how do we minister your justice into a world full of injustices beyond our abilities? What kind of difference can we make for those exiled from their countries, as in Iraq, Venezuela, or across Central America? What can we do for those separated from their children on our border? What can we do for those who suffer violence daily at no fault of their own? What can we do to resolve tensions around the world? What can we even do at home to resolve tensions here? How can we resolve the injustices experienced here in Eastman and Dodge County?

We confess this morning that we too often try and answer these questions without seeking your answer first. We confess that we’re quick to idolize the truth at the expense of following you. We confess that we have no quick answers, but we are energized by the hope that you will answer our questions if we’re committed to pray. We’re energized and filled with hope at the knowledge that you will use us to proclaim your truth and minister your justice if we will but seek after you.

Call us today to deeper discipleship. Remove from us the cruise control we’ve placed on our faith. Energize us, burn us with a passion for you, and call us ever deeper into your heart.

We pray this as disciples who are committed to your discipline, praying to you as you taught the original apostles to pray by saying….

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