Prayer of the Week | May 15, 2018

God of love, help us remember that Christ has no body now on earth but ours, no hands but ours, no feet but ours. Ours are the eyes to see the needs of the world. Ours are the hands with which to bless everyone now. Ours are the few with which he is to go about doing good.

Holy God, on this day, we thank you for those we hold dear in our hearts who have been you to us. In our mentors, we have seen your eyes looking back at us. In those with a servant’s heart, we have seen your hands at work. Through those who go where you send them, we have sen your feet move in power. God, we give you thanks for the people in our lives who bear witness to you for, through them, our faith is stronger.

For mothers who have been your hands and feet, we especially give you thanks on this Mother’s Day. Spur us on to speak as they did to us, to act like them in our lives, to give of ourselves to others as selflessly as they gave to us. For our mothers who have gone on to glory, we thank you for how their memory still lives within us. For our mothers who remain with us still, continue to inspire our hearts to learn from them. And for our mothers who did not teach us you ways, bring into our lives mother figures who will teach us about the mother you are to us.

For you love us as a perfect mother loves: as a child of your own self, made of yourself and coming from yourself, a part of who you are. Encourage us this day with that love that you give at no cost, with no obligation, because you simply love yourself in us.

We, the children of your very being, thank you for your love. We commit ourselves to be your hands and feet to the world, just as you asked the disciples at your Son’s glorious ascension back to his throne. We are mindful that your witness to us calls us to witness to others in the ways we serve, in the ways we live our lives, in the ways we talk, in all that we do. Call us deeper into yourself, nurture us as a good mother would do, such that we cannot help but grow in faith.

For we are your children, called by your name, and for that, we offer you praise.



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