Prayer of the Week | April 16, 2018

O God, whose blessed Son made himself known to his disciples in the breaking of bread: Open the eyes of our faith, that we may behold him in all his redeeming work; 

God, we look around and find a world in need of your redemption. Gas attacks in Syria leave us all wounded and mourning. Threats of war and rumors of conflicts give us pause. Dysfunction in governments, both at home and abroad, create fear and distrust. Holy God, redeem our world. 

And closer to home, we know the needs of our families. In our lives, we have broken relationships that need mending. In our workplaces, we have demands and pressures that overwhelm. In our interior lives, in the private spaces only you know, our secret sins come before you, burdening us with guilt. God, redeem our lives. 

And for our friends and family, we know of too many who hurt this day, who struggle this day, who are facing challenges that feel insurmountable. We hold in our hearts those who need to see the mountains move and those who need to have faith that the mountains will, indeed, move. God, redeem those we love. 

And just beyond our doors, just across the way, we see our neighbors who can’t find enough to eat. We see those who struggle for sustenance, those whose bills pile up and threaten to undo them. Our neighbors struggle under the weight of various oppressions, yearning for freedom. God, redeem our neighbors. 

In the breaking of his body, Jesus gave us redemption. Open our eyes to see the ministry to which you call us. Grant us vision to discover the possibilities for our church to make a difference. Grant us the courage to face our challenges and to walk alongside those with immoveable mountains, knowing that through your Son living in us, you have given us the power to move the mountains. 

And when we fall into despair, when we think that there is no redemption and that you are not moving, cause us to behold all your redeeming work. We have reasons every day to doubt that you are moving, to think that evil is winning. The sin in our world feels and seems more prevalent. Show us how you are more powerful. Show us the redemption you have accomplished and are currently working. Then call us in power to join in that work, lest we grow complacent in our Christianity. 

For your call is bold. In boldness, you gave us your Son to redeem us and our world. We call back, in boldness, saying yes, Lord, make us an instrument of your redemption. 


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