Prayer of the Week | April 2, 2018

God of power and majesty: with the rising of the sun, you have raised Jesus Christ and delivered him and us from death’s destruction. We praise you on this bright day for all your gifts of new life and for all the blessings in our lives.We thank you for loyalty and love of friends and family. We thank you for the newborn, the newly baptized, and those now in your eternal home. We thank you for the renewal of nature so prevalent in spring. We thank you for the witness of our church.

God of eternity, you are present with us because of Christ’s rising from the dead, and you persist in lifting us to new life in him. We bring you our prayers for this world in need of resurrection, in need of new life, praying now: for citizens and peoples in strife, For the poor and impoverished, at home and abroad, For those we know in particular circumstances of distress, for the diseased and dying.

We offer these prayers, clinging to the promise that, through the resurrection, you are our stability, the stone, first rejected by the builders, that has become the cornerstone of our lives.


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