Prayer of the week | March 19, 2018

Holy God,

Today, we remember that you are marching, inevitably, toward your death and resurrection. In this last week before your triumphal entry into Jerusalem, you’re moving, with great courage, toward what you know will be great suffering, great trials, and eventually death.

We, too, are marching. We are marching toward futures that we can scarcely imagine, but we know require courage. In the midst of our sorrow, we are marching, hoping to discover the inbreaking of joy. In the midst of our despair, we are marching, hoping to discover the inbreaking of hope. In the midst of health scares, in the midst of financial downturns, in the midst of family drama, we’re marching toward, what we hope, will be your deliverance.

Do not disappoint, we pray. Just as you saved your Son, and just as you saved us through your Son, save us from our current circumstances. Come along side of us, marching with us, carrying us if necessary, reminding us that you do all things well, even our struggles. For you do not intend for us to hurt, but you come into the midst of our pain, marching with us.

We ask that you march alongside of our nation as it struggles under the weight of its decisions and challenges. Lead us toward your Kingdom through the powerful witness of your church. Lead us, as an outpost of your church in your Kingdom, to be leaders of your vision for our nation and our world. Call upon us to march alongside of those who need your help and guidance, serving as agents of the transformation you wish to bring upon this world.

For not only did you save us through your Son, you saved the world from it’s ills and called upon us to be co-laborers for your love. As you save us from our personal ailments, as you save us from our societal ills, show us how you’re moving, how you’re marching, so that our souls may find encouragement, and all the more as we see your glorious day approaching.

Thank you for your deliverance, thank you for your salvation, thank you for your provision.


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