Join us for Lent

Very soon, the world will rush us toward Easter. It’s almost a certainty that, after Valentine’s Day, stores will break out their Easter candy and decorations, clothing stores will feature their dresses and suits for children, and we’ll be reminded in various ways that spring is coming. Don’t fall for the temptation to rush to Easter, for if we do, we miss a tremendous opportunity to experience the power of the Lenten season.

Traditionally, Lent has served as a time of preparation. Just like Jesus spent forty days in the wilderness leading up to his ministry, we are called to spend forty days (excluding Sundays for those of you keeping count) preparing our hearts and minds spiritually. Lent is a season to deepen our discipline, to be reminded of our need for God, to take our spiritual formation more seriously than at other moments in the year.

To facilitate that, we are offering, as a church, three regular worship opportunities that will call us to a particular discipline: living a life of prayer. I invite you to review our Lent 2018 page to learn more about these offerings. In addition, Christians have regularly fasted, whether from food or anything that calls our attention away from God. Sometimes, that fasting means giving up our phones for one day a week, other times, it’s giving up chocolate or other food items for the whole forty days. Prayerfully consider how you can call yourself, as we do on Ash Wednesday, to keep a Holy Lent.

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, February 14. Join us as we begin this forty day trek toward the cross and the empty tomb, where we will celebrate yet again that Jesus is risen and reigns over us. But don’t rush to the tomb, let’s patiently walk the journey together.

See you Ash Wednesday.

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