Prayer for the week | January 8, 2018

As a deer longs for water, so our souls long for you, God.

You say to us, “let all who are thirsty come, let all who wish receive the water of life freely.” And so, we come to you this day, seeing to drink deeply of your living water, discovering the sustenance of our souls and our livelihood.

In love, you come to us. Inspire our hearts to your love. Bring us forward in compassion. Draw us into your home. We offer our gifts and our beings to you, call us even still into our true homes: your heart. For only there do our souls find the nourishment of our longings, transforming them into peace.

As the people of God, we desire to be a legend to our communities and to each other. Fill us so full of your living water that we become nothing less than legendary in love and peace.


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