Sign-Up for a Small Group!

Sign-Ups for small groups are now available! These groups, meeting mostly in people’s homes beginning the week of January 21, are designed as a place to build lasting relationships, receive and give prayerful support, and study how the Psalms can be a parter in our faith. The hope is this will be a place of growing together in faith as a small group while growing in knowledge of scripture.

The groups will meet for a total of fourteen weeks throughout the winter and spring, taking a three week break around Easter for family vacations, spring break, and Easter activities. Group members are encouraged to make as many meetings as possible, but there’s no hard and fast rule about how many must be attended. This is an opportunity to grow together! Learn more about groups here.

Each group meets on a different day of the week at a different time to allow interested group members to pick the one that best fits their schedule. Groups are limited in size to approximately eight folks, in addition to the host and leader. If you need babysitting for your group, please contact the church office and we’ll help find a member of our youth group who may be able to watch children during the sessions.

Each group is also an opportunity to invite someone from outside our church to join a group! If you know of someone who has been interested in our church, but hesitant to come on Sunday, this is an excellent way to encourage their involvement.

Contact the church office if you have any questions. Looking forward to this vital new ministry of our church!


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