New Giving Options for your Offering

So many of us pay our bills and donate to charities online or through automatic debit. I know I write very few checks per month anymore and find automatically charging a credit card or my checking account highly convenient. If that sounds like you, we have both options now available at the church, in addition to the regular passing of the offering plate at worship.

Online Giving
To give online, simply click the link below to be taken to PayPal (the link is also available on the homepage, on the right under the main picture). This will direct you to a PayPal page titled “Donate to Eastman First United Methodist Church.” Under the amount, you may click to make your donation recurring every month. It’s a “set it and forget it” option! Please note: PayPal does charge the church a small fee, but you will still receive full credit on your year-end giving statement for the amount given, not the amount given less the fee.

Here’s the link:

To automatically debit your checking account, visit the Eastman CB&T banking branch. You’ll need your bank’s routing number and your checking account number. There’s a simple form to complete and, once done, CB&T will debit your checking account for the amount specified. This method incurs no fee to you nor to the church.

CB&T is located at 5101 5th Ave, Eastman, GA 31023.

Please contact the church office with any questions.

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