Youth Director Hired

The Staff-Parish Relations Committee and I are pleased to announce that we have hired a Youth Director! Leigh Law has graciously agreed to take on the responsibilities of youth director in addition to her tremendous work as Children’s Director. In her new role, Director of Children and Youth, Leigh will oversee the nurture and faith development of those aged birth through eighteen.

This innovative solution to the problem of recruiting a youth director allows us to maximize the talent we already have in our midst. Leigh knows the community, has connections to youth-aged folks, and has shown talent at developing faith and providing opportunities for children. She will bring those to bear for our youth. Over the next several months, she will be rolling out new initiatives and plans for our youth while maintaining their weekly meeting. Look for more details by staying tuned to the website.

To free up Leigh to focus on ministry efforts, we have created a new position of Assistant Director of Children and Youth, a mainly administrative position to support the children and youth ministries that will also assist with some children’s programming. Cathy Fennell, our talented Church Secretary, has graciously agreed to take on this additional role, putting to work her love for children and passion for faith development.

I am thankful to Leigh and to Cathy for their willingness to step up and meet the growing needs of our youngest Christians. We’ll be celebrating and commissioning them to their work during a special moment at both services this coming Sunday, October 29th. Make sure to attend church that day to be part of this special moment.

The SPRC and I also offer our thanks to Conner and Lindsey Bearden for their stewardship of the youth program during this interim period. They stepped up to the call and gave selflessly of their time and energy. Please be sure to give them your thanks when you see them.

And in between, I invite you to offer these well known employees your encouragement and thanksgiving for their response to God’s call on their lives to this work. I’m excited for our future!


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