Be a Shareholder!

Be a Shareholder!

Over the last few months, we have very intentionally sought to increase our web presence. Such is vital to growing our church, especially through the use of social media. Our new website, which publishes at least three times a week, automatically posts to Facebook and Twitter, ensuring that these are utilized as tools for reaching new folks and educating our community about the good work we’re doing here at Eastman First. Many thanks to Dana who has undertaken management of our social media accounts, which have posts in addition to what comes off the website.

We need your help by becoming a shareholder! This means simply hitting the “share” button on posts from Eastman First United Methodist Church’s fanpage on Facebook or hitting retweet on our tweets. If you use Facebook or Twitter regularly, this is an easy way to exponentially increase our reach. For example, a post on Facebook shared one time reaches an average of about 150 people. A post shared three times reaches an average of 600 people. A post shared sixteen times reaches, on average, 2,000 people. The more people who share, the more folks who see the great news coming out of our church.

So please join us in being a shareholder today. It simply takes a single click and you will have grown our church’s reach not only to Eastman but around Central Georgia. Be sure to stay tuned yourself to our website, Facebook page and/or Twitter account, as we post often with need to know information, updates to events, and announcements. My sermons will continue to be published there for purposes of review, reading if you can’t be at church that Sunday, or sharing with others.

Great things are happening at Eastman First Methodist! I’m glad I get to be your pastor. Let’s spread the good word as far as we can by all becoming shareholders.



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