Irma Aftermath | How you can help

Hurricane Irma hit every corner of our Annual Conference. While the full extent of the damage is not yet known, South Georgia’s Disaster Response Team has set up some ways that you can help. These include creating hygiene and cleaning kits, as we were doing for Hurricane Harvey’s aftermath, but they also include giving directly to the Annual Conference.

Click here to learn how to help. Read the September 12 update and look past the first four paragraphs to see how to help. If you’d like to give on Sunday, simply mark your checks for “Hurricane Irma” and we’ll give that money to the Annual Conference directly.

FYI: Our church survived with very little damage. Mitchell Coffee and I are ensuring that the few small problems get attention, but the facility is fine. I’m thankful!

Stay tuned to their website and to ours to find out how you can help as we learn more about the Annual Conference’s response.


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