Attendance Update

Our Annual Conference has set a goal of increasing worship attendance conference-wide by 10% by January 2018. We as a church have focused on increasing our attendance, something we have marked in other blog posts about record-setting attendance. So, how are we doing?

Last year, our average weekly worship attendance, both services combined, was 114. This year, so far to date, our average is 122, an increase of 7%. However, if we dig a bit deeper into the numbers, our average since Annual Conference is 135, an increase of 16% over 2016’s average!

If we can get our yearly average to 126, we’ll have done our part to contribute to the Annual Conference’s goal. I believe we can because, while our numbers can tell us many things, the numbers primarily tell me this: you’re talking about our church in positive terms around the community. That is the number one way to spread the word about the great things happening here at Eastman First: being positive and speaking openly about your experience here.

The numbers also tell me that worship is working and people are finding a welcome reception here. What do the numbers suggest to you?

It’s an exciting time to be at Eastman First. Keep talking about the church, keep inviting, and we’ll continue to see our numbers rise.


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