The Uplifters

Beginning August 29, a new intercessory prayer group called The Uplifters will meet weekly on Tuesdays at 10:30 a.m. The Uplifters will “lift up” the prayer requests we receive here at the church, offering them up to God as they call upon God to intercede on behalf of the need.

That’s what intercessory prayer is: a request for God to intercede, to act, to move in powerful ways. Such prayer is the consistent recommendation of scripture and at the core of the tradition of the church, for through our prayers, we indeed see God act and move.

Karen Cheek, the leader of The Uplifters, is currently seeking folks who feel called to pray for others to join this prayer team. If you feel so led, please contact Karen at or at 478-231-1582.

We hope you’ll send us your prayer requests, praises and concerns, as you have them, knowing that this church will offer them up in prayer. Visit to send us your prayer requests.



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