District Camp Meeting

One of the great joys, for me, of our connection is getting to worship together with members from other churches. We have just such an opportunity coming up soon at Camp Adrian. The district will gather for District Camp Meeting, a series of worship services on Sunday through Wednesday evenings of July 23-26, at 7pm, held while a summer children’s camp takes place. This year’s preaching features both our bishop and a series of clergy couples who will be preaching together, including Eastman’s own Rev. Sarah McClelland-Brown, pastor of Eastman First Christian Church, who will be preaching with her husband, Rev. Jonathan Brown, Associate Pastor at Vineville UMC in Macon.

I’ll be in attendance on Monday, July 24. If you’d like to come on that Monday, let me know and maybe we can vanpool over there.

Worship begins at 7pm nightly. For driving directions and the address of the camp, visit this website: http://www.northcentralcamp.com/contact.html


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