Walking Group

A guest post from church member John Veal about an exciting opportunity to engage in exercise, fellowship, and prayer all at the same time!

“I am in need of physical and spiritual exercise.  I have realized I do not do well at either without encouragement and support. I would like to start an afternoon walking & prayer (while walking)group, at 5:30, meeting at Mitchell Coffee’s lot next to the American Legion.  I will plan to be there Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday each week for about  30 minute walk.  You are welcome to walk more or less if you desire. If others of you want to meet the other days of the week , I will attend as my schedule allows.  We can walk through downtown or the surrounding neighborhoods for exercise, fellowship, and prayer.  This would be a great time to keep our eyes open for needs of and ways to minister to our community.  It also would be a visible reminder of our church’s presence in our city and county.  We can walk in groups or at your own pace. Feel free to invite your friends (unchurched or active in another church) and family.  When we meet back at the lot about 6 o’clock, we will have a 5 minute devotional from upper room, for example.  I plan to be there at 5:30 on Monday July 3rd.  I hope to see you there!”

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